Doctor Day

Vanessa Teeth Cleaning
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More pictures today! From the kid's Doctor Day! Loads of fun!
ENJOY! :-)

Chad can SEE

ok - so i couldn't wait. I had to post it. Now I have to go to bed.
No editing. Just me having a conversation with Chad. My one wish for him is that he learn to have a sense of humor.

Finally! A little video!

Seriously - thanks for being so patient! :-) I have two more videos and a ton of pictures to post to get all caught up! Hopefully I will be up to date by the weekend! Chad has some exciting news so we want to share that with you ASAP! Until then - - - here is a cute little montage of first photo/video! :-)

We are on our way back

The monitor is fixed - our latest movie is ready to post (will do it tonight) and Chad found our digital camera that mysteriously disappeared. :-) So we are back in business! YEA!!!


Unfortunately my monitor has decided to turn go to I.T. Heaven. I am working on hooking up a new monitor ASAP - but until then you will have to puruse the net for other interesting blogs :-) But promise you will be back! :-)

Chad's Birthday Lunch

Everyone was in a talkative mood!

Flippin Friday ON A SATURDAY

This is our art project #2 - the video camera moves a little in the middle and then there is a LOT of me and not much of Ethan - haha but hopefully you enjoy it just the same!


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Chad had a big birthday party Sunday to celebrate turning 12! Afterwards Grammi and Papa Gene took the kids to dinner to give them each a Valentine's gift -
I posted three new sets of photos - the best way to do it is to click on ALL PHOTO SETS to the right of this blog - so Check them Out!

Doodlebug Designs Giveaway

Doodlebug Designs is new the the Blog Design business and she is giving away some really awesome prizes!!

1st Place Prize ~ FREE completely customized blog design for a blogger blog!
2nd Place Prize ~ FREE completely customized header for a blogger blog!
3rd Place Prize ~ 10% off any service!

I am so excited about our new family blog - and to have the chance to update it and make it more personal! Whoo hooo!

Ethan playing soccer!

Ethan joined a soccer 'team' that plays every saturday morning. He is a superstar of course! Watch him play here - The first half is "Mama Day" and the second half is "Dada Day" - we alternate every weekend.

***I know it is supposed to be Flippin' Friday but I just can't help it! When I finish the video I want to post it!***

Vanessa Dances

Flippin' Friday is here - I call it that because we use our "Flip" Camera to take all of the video! So for all of you calling it "freaking friday" - I just wanted to clear that up!
So here I am filming Vanessa through the soundproof glass that reflects like crazy! But I thought it would be fun to see her learning the routine for the first time - and then filming again during the recital! Hopefully there will be a MAJOR improvement :-)ENJOY!

Weekend of Swimming

The kids and I invited a few friends and spent the weekend at our only indoor waterpark. We recorded over an hour of footage - but I'm only going to post this one video on the blog - but once you watch it - you can click on my youtube channel and see more underwater videos :-)

Radisson Weekend

Wendy drinking coffee
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Ok so this pic is a little blurry - but a 3 year old took it - ETHAN - and I love it :-)
Click on it to see more pictures of our mini vacation! There were 11 of us swimming, eating pizza, watching movies, and generally acting goofy! We also took quite a bit of video footage so that will be posted soon! ENJOY!