Crazy Poo Poo

My kids think they are so funny! Chad came out of the bathroom with a french mustache drawn on his lip (yes -with my eyeliner!) and Vanessa died laughing - so she wanted a mustache too. This is the resulting photograph! :-)

I love my family

Fun picture!
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I just love this picture :-) What a great time we all had in Jamaica! :-)

Pictures are Posted

Floating away
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There are some duplicates - they aren't all perfected tagged or anything - but they are all POSTED! So look around - comment if you see one or two or seventeen that you especially like...there are over 300 of just Jamaica!

Vanessa visiting the Claus Family

Newspring Church ( was taking FREE pictures with Santa and Mrs Claus last night in Glenpool. They would not except donations - and they also handed out candy canes and hot chocolate. It was really nice. Notice my gentlemen children refused to participate. But little Miss Vanessa - very willing to have her picture made! :-)

Family Pictures

More and more pictures! There will be approximately 200 when all is said and done...i think i'm up to 50 so many more to go :-)

We are home from Jamaica

Chad on his first dive
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What an amazing trip. Hopefully I will sit down and really blog about the amazing time we had. But life is here again and I am off to work and the kids to school tomorrow :-( I am not exactly sure how we will adjust to 'normal' life again. That was just too much fun!!! This is a pic of Chad on his first ever scuba dive! Click on it to go to other pictures...LOTS more to be posted once I get all of the pictures from my mom and sister!