Sammi and Wendy

Sammi and Wendy
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Have you heard of Wendy? She has been there since almost as early as I can remember! When my family moved back to Bartlesville after a brief stint in Hamilton KS - we moved to Morgan Ave. At the edge of town pretty much. There was little tiny 2nd grade Wendy. In her brownie uniform. We have been through a lot together. Here is a short list.
Mud pies. Ardie. Chore lists. Prank calls. Travel brochures. Dr. Zervas. Our parent's divorces. Our parent's remarriages. Canned Beans. Our marriages. Our divorces. Baby's first step. Baby's first goose-egg. Move to Shreveport. Vegas. Disney. NYC. Piercings. Our fairies. Baby's first breath. Eyebrows. New floor. Grilled Cheese. Company Christmas Party!
There is a lot of history for sure. And this March - we will be going on a 7 day cruise! Soon it will be yet another memory in our long list of amazing journeys together. xoxoxo Wendy Marie!

Photobooths are awesome!

Just perfect!
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When was the last time you had your pic made in a photobooth? I still remember pictures of my mom and me when I was younger sitting in a photobooth. Ah nostalgia. :-)
This is Maggie and Chad. Being silly and sweet in the middle of Christmas shopping on Sunday. I may take the little ones up there to have their pics made in the booth - just something about it :)


Oh my, it's been SOO long since we posted videos. We needed our camera for Miss Maggie's vocal recital so we had to clean out the "old" videos...there was stuff from Christmas 08! Wait - there was stuff from Sept 08! So here you go...I will post more today...






That time of year

Ethan, Santa, and Chad
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Do you guys remember last year? I couldn't get Ethan and Chad to go visit Santa? Vanessa and Santa

Well Santa came to visit again this year - Newspring Church in Jenks sponsors it. It is absolutely free and everyone gets a picture and a cup of hot chocolate. Ethan talked Santa's ear off. It was very cute. Vanessa doesn't know what she wants yet, so she did not want to be in the picture.
Ethan has been a little under the weather the past couple of weeks. Vomitting for almost a week - diagnosed with pneumonia - and just feeling puny. Now Chad has strept so the family is just exhausted. No sleep, lots of meds, and the chilly weather is not helping since no one can play outside :-(
Still everyone is so cute and excited and about Christmas, it's hard to stay "down" for long. Last night all four of us piled in my room to sleep. It almost seems worth the illnesses for all of the extra snuggles (i doubt the kids would agree) :-)

California Christmas

Take 1
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(reposted with edited pics)
Click on this picture to see all of the pictures from our 1st "Christmas" in 2009. Every year we have several celebrations to spread the love and last weekend we opened the gifts from Vicki and Dennis and my grandma, Mimi. We all had a great time!

2 Chads in 1

Chad's soccer ornament
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That is a picture of Chad playing soccer inside of the ornament. And that is my cousin's band shirt Chad is wearing! If you click on the picture you will see us celebrating the end of the season for Chad's soccer team. They have really grown and become decent soccer players :-) This is not just a mom bragging either - they actually took home FIRST PLACE! whooo hoooo - there are still a few kids on the team from that first season I's exciting to watch them all grow up :-) We have decided to do indoor winter soccer with both Chad and Vanessa - and then we will start with out outdoor season again in the fall....I think I will coach Ethan's team one more season - and then I'm taking a break. Not from soccer, just from coaching. :) I'd love to see what it's like to just attend games for once! :-)

My Oldest

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My camera died. I sure loved that thing. It was a relatively 'cheap' camera that I got for Christmas but man it took pix and downloaded easily. But most importantly - I knew how to use it. :-)
For my birthday this year Mom and Gene got me a new camera. It was not cheap. It has a lot of bells and whistles and I want to start taking tons of pictures again -but I have not learned how to use it yet! :-( So. until then - I have a little story to tell. About Chad.
Chad and I were in Target shopping without Vanessa and Ethan. Chad kept touching everything. Picking it up - asking if he could have it. Can I have this? What about this? Mommmmmm can you get me this? I mean senseless crap that he didn't really want OR need! I was so frustrated. Finally I said (ok maybe yelled) "CHAD! Do NOT ask for one more thing!"
He looks at me with his arms out "Can I have a hug?"
I admit - it difussed the situation (Chad pointed out later he never got that hug!)
About 20 seconds later I see him reach up for some tic tacs while we are waiting in line!
So this time for SURE I yelled! "CHAD! I am not 13 and afraid to cause a scene!"
While karate chopping the air he said "like a ninja assasin scene?"
And I said "No, like a 'Boy my mom really IS crazy' scene"
With a straight face he looked at me and said "Really? Mine too!"
May he RIP.