Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine
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About 6 months ago Vanessa complained of her ankle hurting after a soccer game. I really didn't think anything of it because this girl takes her soccer seriously - with no regard to her personal well being. Unfortunately she started complaining after every practice and game :-( 2 months later I took her to urgent care where they did x-rays and decided it was fine. They diagnosed her with a double sprain and told her to wear a brace while she played soccer. Soon she was wearing the brace every game, every practice and anytime she had gym class at school. Fast forward 4 months and she just didn't seem to be healing. I picked up the x-rays from urgent care and went to Vanessa's doctor who I thought would probably order an MRI. Turns out - there is no need for an MRI - the dr could see with the xrays already taken that the growth plate in her ankle is broken :-( So she is out for at least 3 games :-( Believe me she is very disappointed but she was sooo glad the dr said she will heal up as good as new if she can stay off of it for a while :-)
She's still as adorable as ever!!!

Jamaican Excursion

Natural stream
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When we went on our cruise we had choices to go on excursions when we stopped at port. When we came to Jamaica- the entire family went to a Rum Party on the beach. (go to if you haven't read that story!)
Well, Chad decided to go with a group of kids on a countryside Jeep excursion. He knew no one. He had just turned 14 and he was in a different country. But off he went! All we had was the underwater camera for him to take so the pictures aren't the best - but they spark amazing memories for him - this one of him sitting in the stream...he said the rock was so smooth from so many people sitting in that exact same spot over the years. And the picture of his lunch is horrible, but when he sees it, he salivates for the jerk chicken of Jamaica. What a wonderful trip!

My baby boy

Getting used to the water
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I lost the cord to my camera - the one I plug into the computer to retrieve my pictures. So I haven't been taking many pictures and the one's I've been taking aren't being uploaded in a timely manner :-)
Also flickr did a presto chango update and I've been hesitant to come figure it out. You'd think at my age, new technology wouldn't be so intimidating - - I mean I've grown up with some pretty radical changes and most of them I've embraced whole heartedly! So what's my deal?
The point of all of this - is today I'm posting a few 'old' pictures - so as usual - when you see a single picture in a blog, you can click on it to find lots more!!!

Wow! Welcome to the gun show!

This little girl (and maybe her mama too) was on a mission to find rompers. Little one piece short sets. They were HARD to find. MY mom found two like this one at target in the teen section. So we just tied the halter up tighter and Vanessa wore the two of these all summer! So cute :-) Miss Vanessa is an athlete through and through - but until I got this picture back, I had no idea she was so ripped! She is a cutie so I try to get her to model but her passion is soccer. Tomorrow she is going to the doctor to figure out a course of action for her ankle. She has to wear a brace during games and practice and it still bothers her quite a bit. Please keep her in your thoughts and send some good energy her way. She does NOT want to stop playing soccer for sure :-(