Family Time gone Amuck

This canvas is about 5x6 feet. The kids and I had a great time. There is so much editing, it has music - but I think it really works well! I hope you are having as much fun with these videos as we are!

I HEART Chuckee

Harrison turned 3 and invited us to his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese! This is my first video with music - so be patient - i'm learning :-)


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I added 3 new sets of pictures today! So go take a look! I have already finished Fridays Flippin' Film and the kids and I are so excited to share it - We are learning so much with our Flip Camera and how to use the Microsoft Movie Maker Software!
Also we have a very exciting *SECRET* weekend extravaganza planned and of course we will film it for all to see!
Until next time!

A Flippin' Friday Two-Fer

Just another little video of Chad's Choral Recital...ENJOY!

Flippin' Friday

While the kids were away for the weekend - I decided to repaint their room. It had been decorated when I thought Ethan was going to be a girl! And he is now 3 - so I thought it was definitely time for an update. :-)

Ethan with a little chocolate

Ethan with a little chocolate
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Friday night we decided to make some cupcakes to send to Grammi's house on Saturday morning - We made vanilla and chocolate and of course a few 1/2 and 1/2 cupcakes! Click on Ethan's picture to capture the full experience!

Tech Deck

Chad decided to make a little video that was about something important to him - so it here is. I helped in no way! I thought he did a great job!

Flippin' Friday is HERE!

I know you have all been waiting with baited breath to find out what Flippin' Friday is! Well wait no longer - the time is now! We recently purchased a FLIP camera and we are having the best time - everyone in the family can use it - and I'm slowly learning to edit the films....our first attempt is 6 minutes long - but we will save that one for another day - the first video for your viewing pleasure is little Ethan, dancing to the beat of a different drummer - eh - I mean NO drummer! Enjoy!

365 Project

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Don't forget we are posting pictures everyday that do not show up on the blog - you must click 365 PROJECT to the right of your screen to see the latest pictures!
I re-ordered them so that the most recent pic is first!

Wendy, Gina, Sammi, Julie

Wendy, Gina, Sammi, Julie
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Aren't we so cute? This was taken at our annual Christmas Party - Gina and I both work at the same company so we bring friends!

I posted this pic to tell you about the 365 project to the right of the screen - this is where the kids and I are going to post a pic a day throughout the year. It could be anything - smiley faces, projects, or activities! It's just to keep everyone in touch with our daily lives!

These boots are made for walkin'

I ordered new boots and they came in today. I'm SO excited. I will try to blog about my boot experiences, since I am certain there will be MANY! :-)


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Chad saw a video on youtube with a guy who took his picture everyday for 6 years and then did a time lapse of it in 5 minutes.
So yesterday he started his picture art. I don't know about anyone else, but this picture barely looks like him to me. Maybe its a weird angle/expression/lighting - or maybe he's just big. And I still see him as small.


Family List
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We came up with 5 resolutions as a family. To save the earth and not to eat junk food were great suggestions! Click on the picture to see all the resolutions! I will keep you updated!

Happy 2008!

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This is our brand new family blog. I don't know if I'm going to tell any of my friends about it for a minute - to see how it goes. I've kept a little piece of cyberspace on MySpace but I'm tired of it. This seems more pure and natural. so here goes -
Today was a fun day for the kiddos. We ate breakfast at IHOP.