Chad's Soccer

There are so many new videos - they wouldn't all fit on the front page of our youtube channel - so be sure to click around and look at all of them!

Vanessa Sliding

I am going thru a ton of old video and posting little snipets - so even though I said there were 8 new videos - it looks like many more :-) I will do as many as I can tonight!

New Videos

Hello Hello! I posted 8! New Videos! yes 8!
So click on this one and watch it - and then go to our youtube channel at "Chavaneth" and watch the others...Some short - some long - all with adorable children and/or shopping! :-)

Mama Dancin' in the Car

This has been posted on youtube for a while - but had a request to get it on here!
Tell me if you love it! :-)

Karaoke Fun

My mom, sister and I went to Dallas for a girls weekend. We had a great time! ;-)