My favorite musical. Well - In the top 5 depending on the day! It came to Tulsa and it was so great. I would say it was as good as on Broadway - the only thing better was on Broadway the venue was a LOT smaller so we could see every facial expression and hear every word. But I still loved it and I cried almost every song. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So ---- you have seen most of these pictures - but mostly I just wanted you to hear one of the songs. :-) This is Take Me As I Am...whoooooooo

Gathering the supplies!

Gathering the supplies!
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Our latest project was for Easter! We created a bunny hatch from scratch! Homemade icing, and candies - the hardest part was baking those gingerbread cookies and getting them to stay flat. :-)
So I did all the hard part and the kids just decorated! :-) Click on the picture for the whole series!

Vanessa and Ethan Dancing

I'm sorry I've had so much trouble with the memory on my computer! But I think I have it worked all out (and before Chad got home to help me!)
So enjoy this little Dance Video produced my Miss Jae!

My Gaggle at Easter

My gaggle
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A few more pictures of the whole group have been added to the Easter Set!
Also - I am having some trouble with my memory - on my computer :-) It won't let me download anymore videos. ;-( I have three or four to share with you guys but I just CANT! It's all so new - I'm learning - I'm learning!
Chad will be back from his dads on Sunday - and by coincidence I bet I figure out the computer as soon as HE gets home :-)

Easter Photos

Vanessa and Ethan
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I got the proofs back from the Easter photos. I only posted the ones I did NOT choose! These are the cutest kids EVER! If you click on the picture - it will take you to more!