As of 5/28/09

As of 5/28/09
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Look at the beautiful lettuce. And the corn is really getting tall! Just gorgeous!

Gardens are like Tattoos

Have you heard tattoos are addictive? Well we are finding gardens are too. We are getting ready to build a second garden box. Our first one has been so successful but it's sooo small. So Chad has already started germinating onions and spicy lettuce to plant at the end of the month. We had better get busy! In case you have forgotten this picture to the right is what our garden used to look like. Below are a series of our garden as it has been shaping up ;-)

And then yesterday! I took a picture yesterday! We are SO anxious to eat our lettuce!!! :-)Doesn't it look amazing? Chad works very hard it on it everyday. :-)

The Stars

What a great few seasons I have had with these girls. 4 of them have been on the team since the very beginning and will be playing again next season when Coach Van and Coach Omar take over. I have to admit it will be nice to sit on the sideline, but I'm also very worried about screaming and acting like an idiot. The parents from the Stars are so calm and supportive. You never know - I may break this team up with my crazy antics. Maybe I'll be team mom so I can plan the end of the season party! Or maybe I'll just help the team mom do that. :) Look at these girls! Adorable!

Chad is growing.

Chad told me he wanted to play soccer. So I signed him up. They had no coach - most kids had been playing for years and already had a team. I had a team full of 10 years that had JUST decided to start playing. So I volunteered as Coach. Then I suckered another mom into being my assistant coach. It was an interesting experience that taught me a lot - mainly that I should not be coaching kids over the age of 6. Luckily the quality of this pic is so bad it actually hides Chad's weird face he is making. Seriously he looks better.

And now here is this years team - several of these boys were on Chad's team that first year. It is definitely fun watching these guys grow up and
become soccer players! :-) Chad has signed up to play again next year. And he has been talking about going beyond that. I have fallen in love with rec soccer so its been a great fit for my family. Vanessa and Ethan are excellent players too and all three will be playing this season. I resigned as Vanessa's coach and I volunteered as Ethan's. It won't be boring coaching Ethan. Hopefully he and I both make it out alive!

End of School Pictures

Vanessa School Picture
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Poor Vanessa. They handed out yearbooks yesterday in school and she didnt get one. She asked the teacher why - she told her "your parents didn't order you one" :-)
Nice. About an hour after hearing this story I get a call from the school. They have one of the automated systems where the principal can leave a message to everyone from our campus! It said "Bring $20 tomorrow and we will give your kid a yearbook. If we don't run out first. Next year, plan ahead."
Ok so maybe that wasn't verbatim. But I felt bad. This morning Vanessa went to school with her check in her hand. She was scared she would forget if she put it in her backpack!


Sucker in hand
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Cheernastics is a dance class that combines the sharp skills of cheerleading and stunting with tumbling and dance! Vanessa took the class with Madi - her friend from soccer and I think they had a blast!
We may take a break from dance for a little while and only play soccer. We haven't decided yet. This whole idea of choosing one activity over another just stinks! I've told the kids only one activity each - but that is tough. This fall all three will be playing soccer so we are going to be busy enough I think!