Crazy Poo Poo

My kids think they are so funny! Chad came out of the bathroom with a french mustache drawn on his lip (yes -with my eyeliner!) and Vanessa died laughing - so she wanted a mustache too. This is the resulting photograph! :-)

I love my family

Fun picture!
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I just love this picture :-) What a great time we all had in Jamaica! :-)

Pictures are Posted

Floating away
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There are some duplicates - they aren't all perfected tagged or anything - but they are all POSTED! So look around - comment if you see one or two or seventeen that you especially like...there are over 300 of just Jamaica!

Vanessa visiting the Claus Family

Newspring Church ( was taking FREE pictures with Santa and Mrs Claus last night in Glenpool. They would not except donations - and they also handed out candy canes and hot chocolate. It was really nice. Notice my gentlemen children refused to participate. But little Miss Vanessa - very willing to have her picture made! :-)

Family Pictures

More and more pictures! There will be approximately 200 when all is said and done...i think i'm up to 50 so many more to go :-)

We are home from Jamaica

Chad on his first dive
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What an amazing trip. Hopefully I will sit down and really blog about the amazing time we had. But life is here again and I am off to work and the kids to school tomorrow :-( I am not exactly sure how we will adjust to 'normal' life again. That was just too much fun!!! This is a pic of Chad on his first ever scuba dive! Click on it to go to other pictures...LOTS more to be posted once I get all of the pictures from my mom and sister!

Beautiful profile....

Beautiful profile....
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Getting ready for a big weekend of parties and fashion show fittings :-) Soccer season is over until March so our weekends are supposed to be "free" But they still fill up so quickly :-)
Today is our 14 day mark - 2 weeks from today we will be on a plane to the beautiful island of Jamaica. I'm about to bust...
Click on Ethan's profile for a few new pics including Vanessa missing both front teeth!


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We have been waiting for a month to open these sodas! Soooo exciting!!! Vanessa and I were up until 12:30! Chad and Ethan just couldn't make it to Obama's victory speech :-)

Ringing doorbells...

Ringing doorbells...
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As usual - click on the picture to see more - the kids had a good time trick-or-treating! The weather was SO warm! Beautiful gorgeous night! :-)

Ethan is 4!

Right before the party!
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Ethan just spent the weekend with friends and family! He had a great time! Hopefully you can see that clearly in these pictures! Just click on this one and it will take you to the whole set in Flickr! ENJOY!

Looking for Diamonds

Panning out the stones
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Papa Gene took Chad and Dylan to Arkansas for a weekend getaway over Fall Break. They camped out in a luxurious 3 room tent and waded through mud to find that perfect stone!


Vanessa, Chad and Ethan
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Last night, I was headed to bed and this is what I found. All three sound asleep and smushed together. I took about 10 pictures (with flash) and they never moved. I plan to use this photo in all of their wedding videos. Especially Ethan's with his SpiderMan underwear! :-)

My 36th Bday

My 36th Bday
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First we went to dinner at Kilkenney's and then to the Nightingale (check it out) for their annual "Old Fashioned Poison Candy" Show! So fun! Last, we went to Cappella's for dancing! What a great night! Thanks guys!

Chad's School Pic

Chad's School Pic
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This is my big kid. He just started Junior High - or Middle School - I told him I love this picture! And I love that his kids will totally make fun of him for his long hair, his plaid shorts and those old-fashioned glasses :-)
What a cutey patooty!

My Baby Girl

My Baby Girl
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After Vanessa was part of the Gusher Cover Shoot - Leslie Hoyt asked Vanessa to come to her studio and take some shots with a couple of new piece of furniture - so Leslie could use them in promotional material. Of course Vanessa obliged and had a great time. This is the only picture we have seen so far - but there are many more on their way!

Memory Card Craft Project

Placing paper
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I saw a really cool (but super expensive) Memory Card set! And decided from and I could definitely make our own - so click on the pictures for the instructions!!!

Dessert Shots

Dessert Shots
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Our monthly ladies group met at PF Changs this month! Yummy!
Here are the pictures! No one got too out of hand - better luck next time.

Exciting News

Do you know me at all? If you do - you know I am a Dr. Hook fan. Some of you have heard of Dr. Hook - Cover of the Rolling Stone - Only 16 -
but believe me - they have so much more. I grew up listening to their albums and even purchased a few when I was visiting California. But I do not own a record player. So I settled on a couple of Greatest Hits CDs. Then my godfather - Syd - made me a cassette tape. Chad was about 2 so it's been a while. And he recorded his favorite songs from the albums to the tape.
Recently I uncovered the tape again and I have been playing it non-stop (yes my mini van has a cassette player - go figure) Well I was actually starting to get nervous about ruining the tape because it is so old.
So I went back to Amazon and they have finally come out with their albums on CD! You can actually buy several of their albums on CD now! Just within this last year! And they came out with CD that includes several VIDEOS! For a girl who only saw them live one time at the Tulsa State Fair when she was about 8! This is pretty exciting!
I talk about sharing pieces of joy with you guys - this is a big piece for me!
And I've already got the kids HOOKED! They know a lot of the lyrics (videos to come)

Silver Dollar City

Mimi came to visit from California and we took a weekend trip to Branson. Somehow she managed to stay out of all the video footage (I think that was by design) but we did get her in some of the photos :-)

Irish Money

Irish Money
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This is a picture I posted in March and just today I noticed it had over 430 views...What in the world? Are there a lot of Irish coin collectors on flickr or what? The next highest views we have is about 60 or so. I mean that is really strange! Hmmmmmmmm

My nephews

Two brothers
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Today I posted over 15 new sets of pictures! Vanessa modeling! School Shopping! Baking a cake! Yes Yes the amazing Adventures of our life! Go look! :-)

Good pic

Justice and Sammi
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I am only putting this picture on this entry because it is such a good picture of me! :-) I'm not in the hospital or making a funny face and my hair isn't in a clip!
I am so fortunate to have a great group of women that get's together on an extremely regular basis. We try to meet once a month, but usually it's more! I see some of these girls everyday! And some once a week - even when I don't want to leave the house - I go - and I always feel better! Thanks ladies!

Happy Birthday Collin

Collins' Cookie
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This is my nephew, Collin, who turned 7 last Saturday. His mother loves him a lot because she agreed to an Incredible Pizza birthday party! WOW! I wish it was a drop and go kind of thing - the kids love it. But I am always EXHAUSTED when I leave!
As usual, click on Collin's smiley face to see more pictures!

Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty
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What can I say? We took these out in the driveway at about midnight one night! We live in an extremely quiet neighborhood so I know the neighbors were all peeping out the windows as we hooped and hollered with laughter!

S'Mores in a cup

S'Mores in a cup
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You can read about what Vanessa is doing once you click on the picture (do you guys know - if you click on the picture in THIS blog - it will take you over to Flickr where there are TONS more related pictures?!)
So - what I wanted to talk about in this picture is Vanessa's hair - this is not odd lighting :-) Wendy snagged up Vanessa and took her to spend the night. At the slumber party - the kids painted their hair pink! I think Vanessa wishes it was ALWAYS like that!

Go Blitz!

Go Blitz!
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Chad's Soccer Team had a party at Hideway Pizza to celebrate the season! They had a great time! Especially with the cake decorations! We have just never gone wrong with Hideaway! They are more expensive than Mazzios - but man the food is GREAT!

Ethan and Dylan at Red Robin

Ethan and Dylan
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Last week we decided to do a little school shopping and met up in Owasso! Let me just say - we have always been a huge fan of Red Robin because of the noise! I mean our kids can laugh and talk and cry and scream and no one can hear them! It's perfect!
But they recently changed their menu and the hamburgers are now $10! That is RIDICULOUS!

Happy Birthday Joey

Happy Birthday Joey
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Just a few friends hanging out - eating hibachi! Yummy!

Day at the Oklahoma Aquarium

Our favorite exhibit!
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What a beautiful day - and we had so much frun with the Otters! If you haven't been in a while, you should visit the Aquarium again! Vanessa got to touch a shark - and a sting ray! We sat in front of the Otters twice! We just fell in love! And they are building a Sea Horse exhibit right now - it was a great time!

Here it is in pictures!

Foot IV
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Today is the day! I'm posting all the pictures from before the surgery, during the surgery (almost) and post-surgery! So have a great time! This weekend I will work on the actual MOVING videos!

We are Alive!!!

I had a little back surgery that unfortunately included replacing two of my vertebrae - I was hoping to blog and post videos the entire time I was recovering - but surprisingly I did not want to think OR move. So here I am - back in full force. Ready to post videos that have been taken over the past two months. :-) You know there are tons. Pictures too!
This past weekend I took Chad and our neighbor Baylor to DFest in Tulsa. They really had a great time. They got to see All American Rejects (which didn't start until MIDNIGHT) but before they went on - we walked around and saw several other bands - Admiral Twin, Oh Johnny Girl!(see pic) and somekind of Ghostland Observatory - which were odd performers but REALLY good music.
So enjoy these pictures and I will get back in the blogging world ASAP!

Chad's Stop Motion Video

So - we know - the REAL version of Greased Lightening isn't completely child appropriate - so turn the volume down once the credits roll if you have kids watching this video (or do what I do and just start talking loudly) haha

More movies

It's just that time of year. Lots of things wrapping up - and beautiful weather! So that equals lots of videos!!

Picture Extravaganza

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Little Mama (aka Vanessa) had her first dance recital so there are quite a few pictures for you to see! Also - there are a lot of 365 pictures posted too! Click on Vanessa's photo to take you to our flickr page!

Happy Birthday Aiden

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A few of us gathered at Mollie's Pub to celebrate Aiden's 24th Birthday!

Chad's Soccer

There are so many new videos - they wouldn't all fit on the front page of our youtube channel - so be sure to click around and look at all of them!

Vanessa Sliding

I am going thru a ton of old video and posting little snipets - so even though I said there were 8 new videos - it looks like many more :-) I will do as many as I can tonight!

New Videos

Hello Hello! I posted 8! New Videos! yes 8!
So click on this one and watch it - and then go to our youtube channel at "Chavaneth" and watch the others...Some short - some long - all with adorable children and/or shopping! :-)

Mama Dancin' in the Car

This has been posted on youtube for a while - but had a request to get it on here!
Tell me if you love it! :-)

Karaoke Fun

My mom, sister and I went to Dallas for a girls weekend. We had a great time! ;-)


My favorite musical. Well - In the top 5 depending on the day! It came to Tulsa and it was so great. I would say it was as good as on Broadway - the only thing better was on Broadway the venue was a LOT smaller so we could see every facial expression and hear every word. But I still loved it and I cried almost every song. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So ---- you have seen most of these pictures - but mostly I just wanted you to hear one of the songs. :-) This is Take Me As I Am...whoooooooo

Gathering the supplies!

Gathering the supplies!
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Our latest project was for Easter! We created a bunny hatch from scratch! Homemade icing, and candies - the hardest part was baking those gingerbread cookies and getting them to stay flat. :-)
So I did all the hard part and the kids just decorated! :-) Click on the picture for the whole series!

Vanessa and Ethan Dancing

I'm sorry I've had so much trouble with the memory on my computer! But I think I have it worked all out (and before Chad got home to help me!)
So enjoy this little Dance Video produced my Miss Jae!

My Gaggle at Easter

My gaggle
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A few more pictures of the whole group have been added to the Easter Set!
Also - I am having some trouble with my memory - on my computer :-) It won't let me download anymore videos. ;-( I have three or four to share with you guys but I just CANT! It's all so new - I'm learning - I'm learning!
Chad will be back from his dads on Sunday - and by coincidence I bet I figure out the computer as soon as HE gets home :-)

Easter Photos

Vanessa and Ethan
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I got the proofs back from the Easter photos. I only posted the ones I did NOT choose! These are the cutest kids EVER! If you click on the picture - it will take you to more!

Doctor Day

Vanessa Teeth Cleaning
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More pictures today! From the kid's Doctor Day! Loads of fun!
ENJOY! :-)

Chad can SEE

ok - so i couldn't wait. I had to post it. Now I have to go to bed.
No editing. Just me having a conversation with Chad. My one wish for him is that he learn to have a sense of humor.

Finally! A little video!

Seriously - thanks for being so patient! :-) I have two more videos and a ton of pictures to post to get all caught up! Hopefully I will be up to date by the weekend! Chad has some exciting news so we want to share that with you ASAP! Until then - - - here is a cute little montage of first photo/video! :-)

We are on our way back

The monitor is fixed - our latest movie is ready to post (will do it tonight) and Chad found our digital camera that mysteriously disappeared. :-) So we are back in business! YEA!!!


Unfortunately my monitor has decided to turn go to I.T. Heaven. I am working on hooking up a new monitor ASAP - but until then you will have to puruse the net for other interesting blogs :-) But promise you will be back! :-)

Chad's Birthday Lunch

Everyone was in a talkative mood!

Flippin Friday ON A SATURDAY

This is our art project #2 - the video camera moves a little in the middle and then there is a LOT of me and not much of Ethan - haha but hopefully you enjoy it just the same!


Originally uploaded by Chavaneth
Chad had a big birthday party Sunday to celebrate turning 12! Afterwards Grammi and Papa Gene took the kids to dinner to give them each a Valentine's gift -
I posted three new sets of photos - the best way to do it is to click on ALL PHOTO SETS to the right of this blog - so Check them Out!

Doodlebug Designs Giveaway

Doodlebug Designs is new the the Blog Design business and she is giving away some really awesome prizes!!

1st Place Prize ~ FREE completely customized blog design for a blogger blog!
2nd Place Prize ~ FREE completely customized header for a blogger blog!
3rd Place Prize ~ 10% off any service!

I am so excited about our new family blog - and to have the chance to update it and make it more personal! Whoo hooo!

Ethan playing soccer!

Ethan joined a soccer 'team' that plays every saturday morning. He is a superstar of course! Watch him play here - The first half is "Mama Day" and the second half is "Dada Day" - we alternate every weekend.

***I know it is supposed to be Flippin' Friday but I just can't help it! When I finish the video I want to post it!***

Vanessa Dances

Flippin' Friday is here - I call it that because we use our "Flip" Camera to take all of the video! So for all of you calling it "freaking friday" - I just wanted to clear that up!
So here I am filming Vanessa through the soundproof glass that reflects like crazy! But I thought it would be fun to see her learning the routine for the first time - and then filming again during the recital! Hopefully there will be a MAJOR improvement :-)ENJOY!

Weekend of Swimming

The kids and I invited a few friends and spent the weekend at our only indoor waterpark. We recorded over an hour of footage - but I'm only going to post this one video on the blog - but once you watch it - you can click on my youtube channel and see more underwater videos :-)

Radisson Weekend

Wendy drinking coffee
Originally uploaded by Chavaneth
Ok so this pic is a little blurry - but a 3 year old took it - ETHAN - and I love it :-)
Click on it to see more pictures of our mini vacation! There were 11 of us swimming, eating pizza, watching movies, and generally acting goofy! We also took quite a bit of video footage so that will be posted soon! ENJOY!

Family Time gone Amuck

This canvas is about 5x6 feet. The kids and I had a great time. There is so much editing, it has music - but I think it really works well! I hope you are having as much fun with these videos as we are!

I HEART Chuckee

Harrison turned 3 and invited us to his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese! This is my first video with music - so be patient - i'm learning :-)


Originally uploaded by Chavaneth
I added 3 new sets of pictures today! So go take a look! I have already finished Fridays Flippin' Film and the kids and I are so excited to share it - We are learning so much with our Flip Camera and how to use the Microsoft Movie Maker Software!
Also we have a very exciting *SECRET* weekend extravaganza planned and of course we will film it for all to see!
Until next time!

A Flippin' Friday Two-Fer

Just another little video of Chad's Choral Recital...ENJOY!

Flippin' Friday

While the kids were away for the weekend - I decided to repaint their room. It had been decorated when I thought Ethan was going to be a girl! And he is now 3 - so I thought it was definitely time for an update. :-)

Ethan with a little chocolate

Ethan with a little chocolate
Originally uploaded by Chavaneth
Friday night we decided to make some cupcakes to send to Grammi's house on Saturday morning - We made vanilla and chocolate and of course a few 1/2 and 1/2 cupcakes! Click on Ethan's picture to capture the full experience!

Tech Deck

Chad decided to make a little video that was about something important to him - so it here is. I helped in no way! I thought he did a great job!

Flippin' Friday is HERE!

I know you have all been waiting with baited breath to find out what Flippin' Friday is! Well wait no longer - the time is now! We recently purchased a FLIP camera and we are having the best time - everyone in the family can use it - and I'm slowly learning to edit the films....our first attempt is 6 minutes long - but we will save that one for another day - the first video for your viewing pleasure is little Ethan, dancing to the beat of a different drummer - eh - I mean NO drummer! Enjoy!

365 Project

Originally uploaded by Chavaneth
Don't forget we are posting pictures everyday that do not show up on the blog - you must click 365 PROJECT to the right of your screen to see the latest pictures!
I re-ordered them so that the most recent pic is first!

Wendy, Gina, Sammi, Julie

Wendy, Gina, Sammi, Julie
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Aren't we so cute? This was taken at our annual Christmas Party - Gina and I both work at the same company so we bring friends!

I posted this pic to tell you about the 365 project to the right of the screen - this is where the kids and I are going to post a pic a day throughout the year. It could be anything - smiley faces, projects, or activities! It's just to keep everyone in touch with our daily lives!

These boots are made for walkin'

I ordered new boots and they came in today. I'm SO excited. I will try to blog about my boot experiences, since I am certain there will be MANY! :-)


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Chad saw a video on youtube with a guy who took his picture everyday for 6 years and then did a time lapse of it in 5 minutes.
So yesterday he started his picture art. I don't know about anyone else, but this picture barely looks like him to me. Maybe its a weird angle/expression/lighting - or maybe he's just big. And I still see him as small.


Family List
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We came up with 5 resolutions as a family. To save the earth and not to eat junk food were great suggestions! Click on the picture to see all the resolutions! I will keep you updated!

Happy 2008!

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This is our brand new family blog. I don't know if I'm going to tell any of my friends about it for a minute - to see how it goes. I've kept a little piece of cyberspace on MySpace but I'm tired of it. This seems more pure and natural. so here goes -
Today was a fun day for the kiddos. We ate breakfast at IHOP.