Trivia Night

For the past few years my little group has been competing in an annual Trivia night at the church. We won the first year - but we have lost some of those ringers! So last year we struggled greatly. Several of us even left early it was so embarrassing. :-) But this year we were in first place or tied for first place for several rounds. So at least it wasn't embarrassing. But slowly we lost our footing and came in 7th I think. Out of 433 teams. Ok wait. Maybe there were 16 teams. I can't remember. (as always - click on the pic for more pictures!)

I AM a Man!

I AM a Man!
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Last year I took the kids to the MLK parade in Tulsa. It was SO long I told them it had to last them 2 years. I'm not kidding - at least 3 hours. Oh my. So this year I took them to my favorite theater ever - Circle Cinema. It's a non-profit theater that shows movies that are off the beaten path. And this year they showed "I AM a Man" for free all day :-) Unfortunately it is only 30 minutes long. But it is powerful and the music is insane. There is a lot of toe tappin' going on :-) So if you get a chance - take about 30 minutes and watch this little story on Mr. Nickleberry and his family. You'll be glad.

Coach Van

Vanessa's Team Spring 09
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Most of you know Coach Van - When I realized I had to have an assistant coach he stepped right up - and when it was time for me to move to coaching Ethan's team he gladly became coach of Vanessa's team. Vanessa and I have been soooo fortunate with all of our parents but this particular post is about Van.
Yesterday he went to the soccer office to hand in our registration. They gave him a list of everyone who had not signed up or paid. I was on the non-paid list. So he sent me an email yesterday letting me know I need to pay by Monday. ok ok great! Also he thought it was strange they gave him my social security number.
Wha? I wasn't necessarily worried that Van had it. But really? Why would they do that? I asked Van to hire an illegal nanny and give her my number so she can raise my credit score.
He told me he was on it - he had taken out three credit cards, placed an order at fingerhut and then sold it to a guy for some DVDs.
I was dying laughing. Especially the 1987 fingerhut reference. But still! Why would they do that?
So I sent an email to the soccer office. I was very polite considering the offense and told them the story and asked when did it become acceptable to give out people's social security numbers??
Then I left work and took the kids to an MLK Holiday inspired movie at the Circle Cinema! When I got home I checked my email to see what the soccer people had to say for themselves.
First, I notice an email from Van. "OMG I thought you knew I was JOKING!"
Then I saw two emails from our very confused soccer office administrator, Elizabeth, saying they don't even HAVE my social security number. And she had politely copied Van.
So Elizabeth took the whole thing remarkably well. She even planted a little seed that I should be getting Van back in a big way.
So Van has told me he is eating crow but he wanted to make sure I knew it wasn't a REAL crow and asked me NOT to call PETA!

Chemistry Set

Try not to spill
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Vanessa asked Santa for a Chemistry Set for Christmas. So the experimentation at my house has begun. I read the directions (and took pictures) and Chad did a little bit of assisting. I remember in high school when we did experiments we had to fill out a notebook - listing the ingredients we were using and what we were going to do with them - and what we thought the outcome would be. Then after we completed the experiment we had to write was the actual outcome was. I think I will have Vanessa do something like that next time so I can figure out what the heck she's doing! (as always click on the photo for more pictures)

Harrison's 5th Bday Party!

How do we eat these?
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Saturday at Apollo's Karate studio at 101st and Memorial - Harrison invited Vanessa and Ethan to his birthday party. Oh my! They did not know what they were in for! First they went through a few basic karate drills. Including saying "yes sir" and standing still between turns (yes Ethan has a little bit of trouble). After that was over they played games and jumped on the bounce -n- playhouse. Joey has a friend that makes cupcake caps. They were beautiful and the kids loved figuring out how to eat them. As we were leaving Ethan said "I want to come here everyday"

Purple dots

Purple dots
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Vanessa and I were making a birthday cake last night for Chad's girlfriend's mom's birthday party tonight. She picked the fondant colors and started rolling hers out. She sprinkled a little flour, found her mini mini cookie cutter and got to work. As we are working away she says "Who taught you how to make cakes? Let me guess! Grammi!" If you look at the finished product - it looks like a sheet was put over the cake and the little straws poking up thru the top - you'll know - no one taught me anything about cakes! I'm just flying by the seat of my pants here! :-)