Exciting News

Do you know me at all? If you do - you know I am a Dr. Hook fan. Some of you have heard of Dr. Hook - Cover of the Rolling Stone - Only 16 -
but believe me - they have so much more. I grew up listening to their albums and even purchased a few when I was visiting California. But I do not own a record player. So I settled on a couple of Greatest Hits CDs. Then my godfather - Syd - made me a cassette tape. Chad was about 2 so it's been a while. And he recorded his favorite songs from the albums to the tape.
Recently I uncovered the tape again and I have been playing it non-stop (yes my mini van has a cassette player - go figure) Well I was actually starting to get nervous about ruining the tape because it is so old.
So I went back to Amazon and they have finally come out with their albums on CD! You can actually buy several of their albums on CD now! Just within this last year! And they came out with CD that includes several VIDEOS! For a girl who only saw them live one time at the Tulsa State Fair when she was about 8! This is pretty exciting!
I talk about sharing pieces of joy with you guys - this is a big piece for me!
And I've already got the kids HOOKED! They know a lot of the lyrics (videos to come)

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