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Floating away
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There are some duplicates - they aren't all perfected tagged or anything - but they are all POSTED! So look around - comment if you see one or two or seventeen that you especially like...there are over 300 of just Jamaica!

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Connie Jean Holubar said...

You have a beautiful family. I received your comment on my blog post "Incongruity." Thank you for your offer of help. I'm curious if you've ever had that sort of experience during prayer, where you actually heard a voice clear as day? It was very strange for me, and what I was hearing just poured out from "somewhere." Beyond that, I remain the consummate juggler trying to do everything myself, although I seem to have slowed down the pace a bit, turned down some work, etc. I notice so many things on your blog list that I also read or support (like Kiva). I am very happy to make your acquaintance. I looked for an email to send you a note versus posting to your blog but couldn't find it. Connie, OutreachPR (