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Selena Graduating
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This is Selena Ruth - she is Vanessa and Ethan's oldest sister and she graduated from high school in Kentucky this month! I met this little one when she was a mere 10 years old and she lived with me for a year. Look at her now - 18 and just beautiful. She has made the decision to go into the Air Force at the end of the summer. Please keep in her thoughts so hopefully she will stay out of harms way.
Unfortunately Vanessa and Selena (and her other sister Danai) haven't been raised around each other because they grew up in different states. But let me tell you - the resemblances are uncanny! Not only in looks - but in behavior! I even call Vanessa "Selena or Danai" sometimes because she acts/looks so much like them :-) They are all beautiful girls!

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