Grammi and Vanessa
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We took a non-traditional family vacation for 4th of July and went to Kansas City! The real reason we chose KC over say - Dallas or even OKC is because of a little restaurant called Cinzetti's. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet...but like nothing you have ever seen. :-) We love it - so much so we drive 4 hours and choose our hotel in relation to the restaurant - not the attractions! :-)
We saw the national traveling tour of Legally Blonde (in a beautiful outdoor theater in pouring rain!) and we spent a day at Oceans of Fun. We have a lot more pictures from my mom's digital camera - but I wanted to post the ones from the underwater disposable one NOW! I just love these! Oh yes - and we took our flip - there should be a couple of cute short films to post too! I will get to work! For now - click on Grammi and Vanessa for more pictures!

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