Ire Mon Rum Party

Hit by a wave
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This was in Montego Bay, Jamaica. When you are on a ship - they have an "Excursion Desk" with a huge book of activities you can do when the boat docks at each port. In Jamaica we chose a Beach Party! It included lunch, a nice beach, a chair, and tons of alcohol :-) The kids had a great time - can you tell? But there were a lot of drunk people (no one in our party uhem)
They also had a professional photographer who took some fabulous photos. I chose the 6 best. Well - maybe there were about 4 more fantastic shots of that silly Vanessa girl but who needs ANOTHER gorgeous picture of her? Not me. And she is OVER it. If we aren't talking about what a great soccer player she is - or how smart she is - she doesn't wanna hear it. So we pretend she isn't cute and move on.
And speaking of cute. That baby boy of mine. Oh my. I think I'm in trouble. My heart turns to jelly when I see those dimples. So anyway -there are more photos - go ahead - click thru - I know you want to :-)

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