Veggie Garden

When I made my annual "lists" one of the TO DO'S was a Vegetable Garden. Luckily I have a 13 year old that was super interested in this and wanted to help. So we started doing our research about a month ago. I mean - we have NO idea what we should do to plant veggies! The internet is an amazing thing! Especially when you are search wizard like me :-)
So we chose the square foot - raised bed method. There are tons of fancy (i.e. expensive) ways to do this - but we chose the more budget friendly route.
Chad started by picking the best spot in our yard that gets the most amount of sun during the day. Later he realized he did NOT take into account the neighbors shed. But hey. We are all learning here.

By "raised bed" we mean two things - one is - we are not using the natural soil. In Jenks America our soil is red and sandy and full of way too much iron. So Chad dug his little 4x4 hole getting ready for the frame he built out of left over floor molding from a previous documented floor remodel ;-)

It was really dark when we lined the bottom of the hole will plastic liner to discourage weed growth and placed the frame in so there are no pictures. Also when we filled it with peet moss, compost and verticularsidemosis. Or whatever its called. Its good for the veggies. Next he drilled equally space holes in the frame to tie off our square foot garden. There are 100's of reasons this makes our garden way cooler than say - row gardening - but I can't remember what they are. Just that I thought it sounded reasonable and I definitely FOR SURE wanted to do my garden that way too.

This is from my favorite vantage point. I am now sitting in a lawn chair opening seed packets and possibly bossing the youngin around a little. He is fixing a string I noticed was loose. He is fairly good at doing what I say.
After many hours of hard work and lawn chair coaching - the garden is complete! Lettuce, Carrots, Peas, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers and CORN! In the next 40 to 90 days we will document the progress of the gardening trials and tribulations. And if we DO have a food shortage as some are predicting all evidence of us ever planting this garden will be removed from the internet immediately.


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Love it! I hope you have a WONDERFUL crop!

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