Jenks Trojans!

It's almost here! Chad has been practicing since school started - but after Christmas break they kicked it (hahahahaha) into high gear. They've been running more and really trying to get into shape. Chad even asked me not to bring sweets into the house so he can get lean. It's working!
The Jenks Soccer schedule is not out yet, but as soon as I hear I'll spread the word. I know a lot of our friends and family were wanting to catch a game :-)
Oh, and to all of you who went to the car wash fundraiser or purchased the coupon book- this is the uniform he got with that money! Sooo sharp :-)
He also got his 'away' jersey, addidas warm up outfit and duffle bag!
Goooooooo Jenks!!!!! Gooooooooo #21!!!!!!!


Erin said...

My son swims for Jenks!!

Chavaneth said...

My son's best friend also swims for Jenks and is the coach's son - Jonny M. :-)
I sure love the internet... :)