Groundhog Day

I think Mister Chad is feeling a little left out. I told him he was too old to post cutesy blogs about! But he doesn't buy it :-) This short little story is something we have been laughing about a lot these past couple of weeks....Baylor and Chad went to the Riverwalk movie theatre...Baylor's mom dropped them off and Baylor had called her to say the movie was over. Almost immediately the boys saw her pull up and they ran out to the car. Baylor went for the front door and Chad opened the back passenger door. He saw some kids in the backseat and thought Baylor's sister had brought some friends. He heard Baylor's mom say "Wrong..." so he started to shut the door and walk around to the other side - thinking she was saying "Wrong Door" when it all hit him at once. These 3 kids were babies and in CARSEATS - not Baylor's sisters age...and the woman in the driver seat had calmly said "Wrong Car Boys"
The woman was a complete stranger.
I was very impressed with how calm and collected she was!

Since the month of January is over - I did go thru the 2009 TO DO lists and updated it with (Jan) or other notes - if the task was completed. It keeps me up to date and motivated...and it shows a little bit of progress :)

I hope your Groundhog day was fabulous!

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