The Robots are Invading

The Robots are Invading
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That title and pictures really have nothing to do with this post, except it was taken today because it is a snow day.
As a matter of fact, this is our third snow day. Thankfully the first day the kids were out of school, my office was closed - but the second day my office was open and school AND daycare were both closed.
Chad is good - no he's GREAT with the kids alone but I think two kids stuck in the house ALL day was too much for ME much less Chad :-)
I really had to go to work - we have our annual production meeting Friday and the notebooks weren't ready. So what to do? I decided to make it "Bring Vanessa to Work Day" and she punched holes and organized papers and carted around trash and drank apple juice and ate chocolate. Several people commented on how good she was. She never once asked to go home. Even though I had told her "just a couple of hours" and the notebooks ended up taking 7!!! hours.
Now - for a little background - I have always been of the philosphy of being open and forthcoming with my kids. We use the actual terms for anatomy. So there is no confusion at the doctors office or with other grownups - which is all well and good until your 3 year old starts yelling in the middle of wal-mart "my vagina itches! my vagina itches!" That moment I did wish I had told her it was called a yooha or some other benign word! :-)
Back to yesterday - we are sitting in the conference room at my office - I am adding spreadsheets to the notebooks and Vanessa is drawing a picture of Jamaica (she is going to be an artist when she grows up and she is NOT changing her mind!) when a co-worker walked in and said hi.
She asked Vanessa if she was getting paid for all of her hard work? Vanessa said "No. Mama said all I get is apple juice."
Co-worker "well thats not too bad a deal"
Vanessa "i wanted money"
Co-worker "what would you spend your money on?"
Vanessa "a new brother"
Co-worker & I laugh nervously since this is not what we were expecting.
Co-worker "are you wanting to replace the older one or the younger one?"
Vanessa "the younger one"
More laughing.
Vanessa "Or I will just tell my dad to give me one of his seeds and I will put it in mama's food so she will eat it and get pregnant"

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