Ethan School Pictures

The family and I found a great photographer with extremely reasonable prices to take our family photos this year. Which means I didn't make the kids dress in their Easter best, and I didn't have to climb on top of a wobbly little table meant for 6 year olds. But of course Ethan still had his picture made at school...and here they are :-) I also received a size chart for Ethan yesterday. he is a big eater. I don't know how to explain it - he needs food constantly - it is like he is always starving. Crackers, fruit, milk, really he isn't picky - FOOD!!!!! So - On Jan 6th he was 43" tall and weighed 41.5 lbs - 3 months later on April 9th he was 49" tall and 43 lbs. He gained 1.5 pounds and 6!!!!!!! inches!!!!!!!! No wonder he is starving and his poor little legs hurt! :-(

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