Chad is growing.

Chad told me he wanted to play soccer. So I signed him up. They had no coach - most kids had been playing for years and already had a team. I had a team full of 10 years that had JUST decided to start playing. So I volunteered as Coach. Then I suckered another mom into being my assistant coach. It was an interesting experience that taught me a lot - mainly that I should not be coaching kids over the age of 6. Luckily the quality of this pic is so bad it actually hides Chad's weird face he is making. Seriously he looks better.

And now here is this years team - several of these boys were on Chad's team that first year. It is definitely fun watching these guys grow up and
become soccer players! :-) Chad has signed up to play again next year. And he has been talking about going beyond that. I have fallen in love with rec soccer so its been a great fit for my family. Vanessa and Ethan are excellent players too and all three will be playing this season. I resigned as Vanessa's coach and I volunteered as Ethan's. It won't be boring coaching Ethan. Hopefully he and I both make it out alive!

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