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Vanessa School Picture
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Poor Vanessa. They handed out yearbooks yesterday in school and she didnt get one. She asked the teacher why - she told her "your parents didn't order you one" :-)
Nice. About an hour after hearing this story I get a call from the school. They have one of the automated systems where the principal can leave a message to everyone from our campus! It said "Bring $20 tomorrow and we will give your kid a yearbook. If we don't run out first. Next year, plan ahead."
Ok so maybe that wasn't verbatim. But I felt bad. This morning Vanessa went to school with her check in her hand. She was scared she would forget if she put it in her backpack!

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Jaime said...

What a cute picture! Madi and Chloe didn't get a yearbook either. Yep, I was also one of the mothers that waited to the last minute and then we went to buy one and they were sold out. My poor kids were so sad!