I AM a Man!

I AM a Man!
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Last year I took the kids to the MLK parade in Tulsa. It was SO long I told them it had to last them 2 years. I'm not kidding - at least 3 hours. Oh my. So this year I took them to my favorite theater ever - Circle Cinema. It's a non-profit theater that shows movies that are off the beaten path. And this year they showed "I AM a Man" for free all day :-) Unfortunately it is only 30 minutes long. But it is powerful and the music is insane. There is a lot of toe tappin' going on :-) So if you get a chance - take about 30 minutes and watch this little story on Mr. Nickleberry and his family. You'll be glad.

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Circle Cinema said...

Hi Chavaneth ~ got a Google alert when you mentioned us. Thanks so much for the compliment, and glad you enjoyed it!!