Music is in our blood

Chad, Sammi, Brian
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It has only been recently that I realized not every family is filled with music and musicians! This pic is of my paternal cousin, Brian Dexter, living in Nashville, TN. He was just recently married *CONGRATS* and is the drummer in "ME IN MOTION" a group that is touring right now. They had a little stop in Tulsa America so Chad and I went by to take him some Coke Zero for the road.
I also have a maternal cousin, Clay Parton in California, was in a band called Duster and now plays with Eiafuawn (i think! I can't keep up) He has also had his own record label and been very prominent in the industry.
My dad holds an acustic festival in Carthage MO every year that keeps growing and growing!
When we have holidays, weddings, reunions or even funerals - by the end of the night everyone is sitting in the same room - singing and playing instruments. I have been very lucky. It's definitely contagious. And with all of this exposure and diversity - Dr Hook is still my favorite band of all time. lol

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