Valentine Craft Time

Last night was pretty "normal". Nothing too exciting. I finished up Maggie's birthday project and we made some Valentine Boxes for the kids to take to school - as well as their Valentine Cards! And then we went to bed. Don't forget - there are pictures on the finished boxes if you click on the pic of Vanessa and me. :-)
The house was quiet, but not for long - Vanessa and Ethan both in their beds. A little after ten there was a LOUD pounding on my front door. It was the Jenks Police Department. They were in pursuit of a suspect and they thought he was in my attic. There was a little bit of discussion about me not being 'decent' but the cop ended up running thru my house with my 13 year old behind him and me yelling that i had two other kids in the house! There was no suspect in my garage or attic and I got a mini lecture that mentioned my kids and me being taken hostage if this happens again so I better shut my door.
It was all very exciting. No damage was done to my door and we never heard a peep from the police again so I assume they caught him or he is gone. Or maybe he is quietly perched in my attic waiting for us to leave so he can come down and eat my food and wash his clothes. Joke's on him. There is no food in my house!

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