I CAN FIX IT - 1 of 5

A "Now Art" Project by damali ayo

Two-thousand people were asked the 5 things individuals can do to end racism. Here are the solutions in their own words.


Do you want to change racism in the world? Guess what? You have to start with yourself! Cause you know what? If you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Here are five easy things you can do staring right now (and continuing the rest of your life)

1. Admit It.

2. Listen.

3. Educate Yourself.

4. Broaden Your Experience.

5. Take Action.



The first step is admitting you have a race.

Be white.

Acknowledge that white is a color and a race. Learn how to say "white people". Don't play dumb. Don't say, "I don't know what to say, do, think" or "I don't really have a race." Resist feelings of hopelessness and self pity. Do not invent white suffering. Lose the drama.

Admit that racism exists.

Understand that it's not all about slavery, that there have been many institutionalized racist practices in the history and present of the United States. Understand that all white people reap tremendous benefits from the legacy of slavery, segregation and the continuing effects of the racism it helped create. All white people benefit even if they were not alive during the time of US slavery or if their ancestors immigrated to this country after the Civil War.

Acknowledge that a very real present-day racism arose from social and institutionalized racist practices/laws of the past. Notice where those practices continue, and where you participate in them.

Take Notice.

Observe how others are treated. When you walk into a room, bar, club, whatever notice the racial breakdown in the crowd. Getting in the habit of noticing who is around you (and who isn't arund you) is easy and promotes general awareness.

See white people. If you are going to identify a person by their race, make sure you identify all people by their race. That means saying "I saw this white man". Don't let white be the default race. Spend a week identifying white people by their race, see how it affects you.

Stop thinking of your opinions as objective or "the right way". Instead acknowledge your perspective as coming from a white experience. Realize that people of color may see things differently than you for good reasons.

Understand that reverse racism is an impossibility.

Reflect on the prejudices you grew up with, and then get over them.

...Sammi's Comments...

I just brought up 'reverse racism' not existing a couple of weeks ago to my workshop group. A woman had been treated unfairly by a musical group that was all black because she was the only white musician. They were rude and made her feel very uncomfortable. She called it reverse racism. The reason why it wasn't reverse racism was because people of color don't have the power. They can be prejudice or even hate someone because of race - but it isn't racism. There is a very distinct difference.

I am open to a discussion in the comments if someone want to have it - as long as everyone is respectful! :)

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