Brand New

Isn't this cute and lively and fun? It's one of bloggers free templates but I really like it! Also - at the bottom of each post is a place for you to click so you can connect it to facebook or email it - whatever you want to do! LOVES IT :-)
I hate posting without a picture. So I wanted to include a little cutie patootie. Today Vanessa's class got their class T-shirts - no I've never heard of this until we moved to Jenks - but it's a serious thing believe me :-) The teacher sent all the parents a picture. When I opened it up - I laughed out loud. I know Vanessa is tall - it's all the Fitch in her believe's not Johnson trait! - but I forget just HOW tall she is :-) So adorable. Not so long ago I was laying in bed and she crawled on top of me to be my human blanket. She said, "You have no idea how much I love you" :-)

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