Look out for the Stars!

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I know I posted a video of the championship game earlier - but I thought these photos just HAD to be shared! :-)
Vanessa is a trooper. I mean this girl had JUST been cleared to take off her boot and she falls and breaks her thumb. 3 days later she was due to play in a soccer tournament in Broken Arrow. These girls are pretty confident and know they are little hot shots back on the home turf. But you come to a tournament and you're just never sure what the competition is going to be like. Most people don't give up a whole weekend and write out a check unless they feel like they have a shot at winning! I wish I could remember the exact scores - we played 4 games. I may be off a bit but I think the first game was 6-1, second game 6-0, and third game was 10-3. So we made it to the finals and the girls were so nervous.
We heard thru the rumor mill that the team we were playing had not lost a game in 3 years. Our team has been together over 4 years but we HAVE lost a game here and there...so we just didn't know what was about to happen. Our worries were unfounded. :-) The championship game score was 8-3! Congratulations STARS!
Rest up girls, indoor is right around the corner....and I hear we have some competition! :-)

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