Recycling Day

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I'm stealing this idea from one of my favorite blogs...this is an old post of mine that many of you probably never saw - it was first posted on March 28, 2007!

I do not give my kids crack.

Monday night after church I had only fed my kids snacks. No dinner. It was almost 9 oclock and they were threatening to call DHS so I stopped at Sonic Drive In. On the way I said "is Sonic okay with everyone??" YEA!!!!!!!!!! They were all excited.

Vanessa what do you want? "Cheese Fries!!!" Being the good health conscious mom I said "you have to eat something else too....fried chicken strips or a corn dog" Then I laughed out loud because I realized the cheese fries were no better or worse than the main course!

Then I said Ethan..what do you want?? "Sonic"
I said "yeaaaa! That's where we are going! What do you want to eat???"
He said "Sonic!!!!!"
We all laughed and I said "I know honey! We all want Sonic! What do you want to eat at Sonic?"
He was a little frustrated with me. "SOOOOOONIC!!!!!!!"
I said "ok. we are going to eat at Sonic. What specific food FROM Sonic would you like me to order for you when I pull up to Sonic? Chicken or a corn dog?"
He said "Happy Birthday"

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