Freckle Lips!

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Is everyone having a wonderful holiday season? I know we sure are at the Chavaneth household!
Have you heard I am sewing fabric gift bags? Chad got me a sewing machine for Christmas and mom gave me a bunch of fabric and ribbon to mix-n-match. I've sewn more in the last 2 months than I have during the first 28 years of my life! haha Ok so I'm not 28. Whatever.
I have created a shop on which has been a lot of fun. I named the shop after Ethan for his little freckle lips. :-) Plus I am extending my product line so I didn't want to confine myself to bags, or one kind of bag!
Go ahead and take a look but check back next week when my shop will have several more products and choices! *don't worry- you know i'll remind you on here!*

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