Weekend playing with the kids

If that pic doesn't make you smile than you have a cold dead heart. We went shopping this weekend to get Chad a couple of sweaters. He has outgrown almost everything in his closet! While we were there - Vanessa and Ethan noticed the mannequins hair was not permanent fixed on her head. So they did a little show. I was making way too much noise to be in a public place. They were cracking me up. I mean - look at that face! What is he doing? lol
On Vanessa it just looks kind of odd. But believe me, Ethan never passes up the chance to "bunny ears" someone!
After shopping we went to Harrison's 6th birthday party. I sat right here.
But the kids were super excited when special guests showed up.
That's Harrison asking very specific Star Wars questions. The storm troopers politely answered all they could. Chad took most of the pictures so he is missing from the action. But Ethan was just happy drinking his juice.
OK, maybe there were a few pictures of him 'sword fighting' with branches. But I decided not to publish those because of a pending lawsuit. Here is my sweet, innocent little Vanessa eating a sugar daddy.
Don't let her fool ya!
We had a great time, ate lots of pizza and sweets and played hard! Harrison looks like he had a great time too!

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