2 Chads in 1

Chad's soccer ornament
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That is a picture of Chad playing soccer inside of the ornament. And that is my cousin's band shirt Chad is wearing! If you click on the picture you will see us celebrating the end of the season for Chad's soccer team. They have really grown and become decent soccer players :-) This is not just a mom bragging either - they actually took home FIRST PLACE! whooo hoooo - there are still a few kids on the team from that first season I coached...it's exciting to watch them all grow up :-) We have decided to do indoor winter soccer with both Chad and Vanessa - and then we will start with out outdoor season again in the fall....I think I will coach Ethan's team one more season - and then I'm taking a break. Not from soccer, just from coaching. :) I'd love to see what it's like to just attend games for once! :-)

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