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My camera died. I sure loved that thing. It was a relatively 'cheap' camera that I got for Christmas but man it took pix and downloaded easily. But most importantly - I knew how to use it. :-)
For my birthday this year Mom and Gene got me a new camera. It was not cheap. It has a lot of bells and whistles and I want to start taking tons of pictures again -but I have not learned how to use it yet! :-( So. until then - I have a little story to tell. About Chad.
Chad and I were in Target shopping without Vanessa and Ethan. Chad kept touching everything. Picking it up - asking if he could have it. Can I have this? What about this? Mommmmmm can you get me this? I mean senseless crap that he didn't really want OR need! I was so frustrated. Finally I said (ok maybe yelled) "CHAD! Do NOT ask for one more thing!"
He looks at me with his arms out "Can I have a hug?"
I admit - it difussed the situation (Chad pointed out later he never got that hug!)
About 20 seconds later I see him reach up for some tic tacs while we are waiting in line!
So this time for SURE I yelled! "CHAD! I am not 13 and afraid to cause a scene!"
While karate chopping the air he said "like a ninja assasin scene?"
And I said "No, like a 'Boy my mom really IS crazy' scene"
With a straight face he looked at me and said "Really? Mine too!"
May he RIP.

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