Sammi and Wendy

Sammi and Wendy
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Have you heard of Wendy? She has been there since almost as early as I can remember! When my family moved back to Bartlesville after a brief stint in Hamilton KS - we moved to Morgan Ave. At the edge of town pretty much. There was little tiny 2nd grade Wendy. In her brownie uniform. We have been through a lot together. Here is a short list.
Mud pies. Ardie. Chore lists. Prank calls. Travel brochures. Dr. Zervas. Our parent's divorces. Our parent's remarriages. Canned Beans. Our marriages. Our divorces. Baby's first step. Baby's first goose-egg. Move to Shreveport. Vegas. Disney. NYC. Piercings. Our fairies. Baby's first breath. Eyebrows. New floor. Grilled Cheese. Company Christmas Party!
There is a lot of history for sure. And this March - we will be going on a 7 day cruise! Soon it will be yet another memory in our long list of amazing journeys together. xoxoxo Wendy Marie!

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