That time of year

Ethan, Santa, and Chad
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Do you guys remember last year? I couldn't get Ethan and Chad to go visit Santa? Vanessa and Santa

Well Santa came to visit again this year - Newspring Church in Jenks sponsors it. It is absolutely free and everyone gets a picture and a cup of hot chocolate. Ethan talked Santa's ear off. It was very cute. Vanessa doesn't know what she wants yet, so she did not want to be in the picture.
Ethan has been a little under the weather the past couple of weeks. Vomitting for almost a week - diagnosed with pneumonia - and just feeling puny. Now Chad has strept so the family is just exhausted. No sleep, lots of meds, and the chilly weather is not helping since no one can play outside :-(
Still everyone is so cute and excited and about Christmas, it's hard to stay "down" for long. Last night all four of us piled in my room to sleep. It almost seems worth the illnesses for all of the extra snuggles (i doubt the kids would agree) :-)

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