Wendy's finished tat
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When Wendy and I were in grade school and junior high we would see each other almost everyday. But still we passed notes in the halls. :-) In the middle of my 8th grade year, she moved to Arkansas. Luckily she had braces and a dad living in Bartlesville so she came back regularly for check-ups and to visit! But until about 7 years ago, we never even lived in the same state again. She went from Arkansas to Louisianna and back to Oklahoma - I mostly stayed in Oklahoma except for my few years in Jersey/NY...but we visited each other often and built a greater bond every year with marriages, divorces, children, and more marriages and divorces :)
At the bottom of our notes in jr high, we would write LYLAS. It was common for a lot of kids to write it - it means Love You Like A Sis. And somehow over all these years it has stuck with us. We text it and email it and say it to each other all the time. It's been almost 30 years now that we have been together. So we thought it was time to commemorate our lifelong friendship with tattoos. Is there really any other way? Click on the picture for documentation of the emotional moment we became bonded permanently to one another :-)

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Kahri said...

Love the tattoos! Very pretty! and so special, too! :-)