Instant Karma

Whoa Dylan!
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This picture has nothing to do with this post. But my nephews came to Vanessa's game with their parents this weekend and I thought this pic was sure cute!
In case you don't know - I'm not winning any "Mother of the Year" awards - despite my coffee mug that says so. I'm unconventional and have very rigid beliefs about how to raise up some youngins. And you probably won't find my methods in any parenting books - YET!!
And also in case you don't know - I still call people retarded when I mean "silly" and I rarely think at all before I speak.
Now this story shall not surprise you because you have been warned.
The kids and I are in the car parked right at the door of a Schlotzskys. An elderly woman in her late 80s or early 90s was SLOWLY coming out the door. A younger man was trying to help her with the door but he was behind her and couldn't really reach it. She was dressed so cute and looked sweet but she was SLOW.
Without thinking - I said - $10 to the first person who can push down the old lady.
Quickly, we all jumped out of the van, and I opened the sliding door for Ethan. He leaned forward with all of his weight, planted both hands on my shoulders and tried to push me down.

I wish I could say I learned a valuable lesson. But probably not. I'm retarded.

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