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I'm gonna kick you
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The kids had a great afternoon at the park on Sunday. The weather was perfect, it was busy but not too crowded -- and they were wearing clothing that matched and complimented the playground equipment - which made for pretty pictures :-) (click on this one for more!)
We are driving home in the car and talking about "How to Train Your Dragon" since we haven't been able to see it yet...And Ethan says he wishes he had a dragon so he could fly around. I told him that was a good idea - I'd put a 50 feet leash on it so they could fly around in the yard. He would never be bored again!
But I told him- in about 2 months he would be coming to me - I'm burred! (which is "I'm bored" in Ethan-speak) and I would tell him to go fly around with his dragon and he would say "I did that YESTERDAY!"
And then I said "Well I would tell you to go build a booth in the front yard and get people pay you to ride your dragon"
About 4 seconds later my 14 year old son chimed in.
"I think that's illegal"

The things these kids learn in school!

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