Spring has Sprung

Chad is out in his garden once again. He loved having one raised bed garden so much - he had decided to do 3! So here he is - even trying a couple of fruits along with the vegetables. In the front yard, he planted flowers - at my house AND Maggie's :-) He also picked out an dwarf apple tree (does that mean the apples are small? or the tree?) but once we got it home, he found out it has to be cross polinated with another tree to bear fruit. So back to searching for tree #2 to cross polinated with! Hopefully we have our lawnmower working properly by then because I don't want to take many pictures of our overgrown yard :-) Although Chad does take good care of it - you can tell a stark difference between our backyard and our neighbors! :-)

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Joey said...

Will Chad come build me a garden? I'll pay him.