My babies - Easter '06

Vanessa and Ethan
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Did you know I still call them "the babies" ?? I've tried really hard to stop but it still slips out every now and then. In an hour I will be leaving work and having a fun night out with some of my closest friends. I have no doubt we will have a great time. Chad will be at soccer and the babies will be with their dad.
I won't lie - there have been times I counted the MINUTES until their next visit with their dad or my parents. It meant I could shower without anyone opening the bathroom door and letting all the warm out - or go to a movie that didn't have a cartoon character or 'cheese touch' in it - or even watch an entire sitcom without missing a single punchline. I cherish those moments believe me.
But lately they are getting so big. And I just miss them. I miss them when I'm at work! I hate separating from everyone in the morning. I've taken Chad to work more often this year than his entire school career combined!
Can you believe Chad starts high school next year and Ethan starts Kindergarten?
Pretty soon they will be finishing up grad school or their stint in the Peace Corp. :-) Possibly running for office, or attending their premiere or accepting an award for their new hybrid vegetable that helps feed the hungry.
Or maybe I will just shut the door and close the blinds and we will all play UNO until they are of a decent age to be on their own. 43 sounds good.

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