Surprise Visitors

What a cute bunch!
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I get a random phone call at work. From a North Carolina area code - and it was my cousin! She has since moved with her family to Arkansas and she was calling to say they were driving thru Tulsa! They would be here in a few hours - did we want to hang out? :-) I said yes!!! But you may not come to my house!!! :-) She agreed.
So of course we dropped everything and met them at the Aquarium after work - The place was empty! We only had one hour until they closed and we stayed almost until the last minute. We had a private lecture on the sharks, and Ethan was able to hold shark eggs as long as he wanted!
Afterwards we went to dinner and then to see Diary of a Wimpy kid. They got back to the hotel around 10 and their dog had been there they entire time :-) I haven't heard yet if there was any damage!
Thank you Juli, Jimi, Toby and Kayli for stopping by! Next time give me a few days notice and you can see where we live :-)

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