Another passport stamp!

Chad on his first dive
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The clothes are organized and sorted, movies and games for the car ride are ready, cats are being fed, it's time to go! We will be mostly disconnected from the rest of the world while we are on our trip - but between Chad and I - I'm sure we will be posting blogs here and there about our adventures! I have never been on a vacation like this so I am very excited! I know the kids are about to burst too. When your 5 year old has asked "how many days" everyday for the past 2 months - yes i remember saying "60 days Ethan"......I think they are excited! :-) So hopefully you can check in with us online and see what we are doing - but you also know I'll be posting 437 pictures and maybe some video when I get back! :) Have a great week - I hope your weather isn't too bad!!!!

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brian dexter said...

i've never been scuba diving. looks awesome.