Day at the park

Ethan Swinging
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This weekend, my gaggle went to Bartlesville on Friday night and my nephews stayed with me on Saturday night - it was so nice because I ended up going to dinner with Justice, Stephanie and Aiden - we had a great time. Eating dinner at Biga and drinking EXPENSIVE martini's at Keo - then off to play guitar hero at Aiden's humble (not so much) abode.
Saturday I took the kids to the park and almost convinced them we were staying the night there. We stopped at the dollar store for movie snacks and ate dinner at Coney Island (am i the only one that thinks it STINKS in there?!) Then we used a Christmas Gift Card at Marble Slab on Riverwalk and explored the river!
Sunday we gathered up all of our "movie snacks" and went to Mall Cop with Wendy Savanna and Ray! They had tried to go the night before but it was sold out - luckily there were only 15 people in our theater! Riverwalk ROCKS!
I hope you see how much fun we had in these pictures! This weekend exchange should become a monthly tradition! :-)

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