My first list

One of the blogs that inspired me to start this blog was this cute little thing. And Andrea is fond of list making. The kids and I sat down and made a new Resolution list (like we did for 2008) and I will post that one soon - but I also decided to make a few TO DO lists. Not resolutions really because most of them will only been done one time..although some are recurring :-) This first one is the HOME LIST!!!

1. take border off in kitchen
2. take border off in bathroom
3. paint bathroom
4. refinish doors in kitchen
5. replace hardware in kitchen
6. new counters/backsplash in kitchen (stretching it)
7. paint kitchen
8. finish floor in family room
9. paint family room
10. clean ALL windows (inside and outside)
11. start veggie garden 3/22/09
12. clean out shed 3/22/09
13. clean behind shed 3/22/09 - so my mom did it! but it's DONE!
14. trim tree in front yard
15. purge junk (donate/sell/trash) we did the TRASH part today 3/22/09
16. purge clothes (donate/resale shop)
17. organize craft corner
18. organize pictures (make digital if possible)
19. paint bedroom
20. make bedroom a sanctuary
21. fix Vanessa and Ethan's closet
22. paint master bath
23. replace floor in master bed
24. fix my closet

Those are in completely random order. Pretty much as I thought of them. I will consider this Home List a success if I complete 12 of these items by 2010! Wish me luck!!!!

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