Joy Joy Joy Down in my Heart

Although I have never been a true OprahHead - I have always been a subscriber and faithful reader of O Magazine. Monthly I see myself or a friend in every article I read. I used to keep every magazine as "reference" but recently I have stuck to my three month rule and started recycling regularly. Luckily almost everything is archived online so I peruse past issues that way. :-)

I believe I have found a jewel. Besides a pair of Vera Wang shoes I HAD to buy - I think this is the reason I have been reading O all of these years - to find this course. It is called Awakening Joy - and you take it online over 10 months. There are suggestions and guidelines and tips and tools all to promote joy in your own life. There is no guilt, no pressure and absolutely no failure.

One of the components the author suggests, is to have a Joy Buddy. Someone you can share your learning process with - so - go to the website. Read it - see if it resonates with you like it has with me. If so - let me know! I would like to start a Joyful Buddy "group" - where we meet once a month to talk about the assignments and our experiences. There can be 3 of us - or 30 - married or single - any age, any stage - i think it could be life changing for anyone.

The course starts in February -so i will announce a Joyful Buddy gathering soon! I hope you will be there!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sammy,
Be sure to let me know where and when!