Our Family List

So my goal was to have each list be 50 items long. Well that isn't quite working out. Some are shorter (i.e. Home List) and some may be longer...we'll see :)
Also there may be some overlapping of items...but since this is my blog and my rules I can make them up as I go along. Overlapping is great! Because we will do ONE thing and get to mark it off of multiple lists!!!!


1. create a craft blog (Jan)
2. mantain family blog (this one!)(Jan)
3. recycle!
4. dress self
5. clean room every tuesday night
6. recycle! (ha i put it on here TWICE! and really close together!!! i'm losing it)
7. keep garage organized (bikes, outside toys, etc) (Jan)
8. put own dishes in sink (Jan)
9. go on family only playdate once a month (Jan)
10. prepare clothes night before school (TRYING! It's SO HARD)
11. prepare backpack night before school
12. start gratitude journal (We did it about 2 weeks. I'll start it again)
13. do at least 1 family craft a month (We did a popsicle craft that was horrible)
14. eat at home 5 nights a week (almost every week!)
15. kids help cook 2 nights a week (more than that!)
16. go to Cara's wedding (vanessa is flower girl)
17. go to Brian's wedding
18. visit angie over thanksgiving
19. have bday parties that cost $100 or less (the first one is in feb)
20. go down 15 different slides (photograph) (we have taken a few pics)
21. write a children's book
22. each person watch less than 6 hours of TV a week (we have cut WAY down! No cable!) ---it is now March and we are well under 6 hours a week
23. each person make a saran wrap manequin
24. each person chooses a person, place or thing and takes 10 pictures
over the course of the year (everyone chose their object...)
25. each person "writes" for family or craft blog at least 2 times
26. start a height chart. mark it in jan, july and dec (Jan)
27. handmake all bday presents to friends and family MARCH-not going so well :(
28. handmake all cards - including christmas
29. volunteer 3 times as a family
30. each person come up with a 3-5 minute story. the other family members
will act it out while we film it.
31. ride on the heartland flyer
32. take the city bus
33. everyone make a personal collage
34. go to 2 free museum days
35. start a family piggy bank (it is HUGE)
36. have dylan and collin spend the night 4 times (Jan - first time!)
37. place 50 hoperevo cards. photograph them. post them.
38. plant a vegetable garden. We did this today!!! 3/22/09
39. go to the library. regularly. do not buy 1 book. (we have gone twice in Jan) March -I still am buying books!
40. have photos made into postcards
41. join at least 1 postcard swap
42. go to zoo
43. interview each other. record it somehow.
44. write a letter to our senator
45. write a letter to our representative
46. learn all of our local politicians.

whew. almost 50! because i AM the decider of this site - I will leave the "add at any time" option open...I will not however add something we have already done :-)

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