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Ethan has been having some ‘episodes’ where his legs hurt so bad he can’t stand or walk and he won’t let me touch him. After the last episode that went on for almost 6 hours I took him to the Dr the next day. She went down a long list of possibilities – from growing pains to leukemia. WHAT?!
One of the things she mentioned was an allergy to gluten. After going home and researching gluten allergies I decided that was definitely what was afflicting Ethan. I bought him Gluten free Oreos (which he would not eat) and Gluten free bread (which he would not eat). He ate bananas and yogurt for days. Then he went to his dad’s house and ate Gluten like it was going out of style. He had no episodes. He was having no adverse reactions. So I decided that was not the culprit.
But for a week I told Ethan he couldn’t eat that or this because it had “Gluten” – so now he is paranoid about everything! Here is a conversation we had in the car driving home from daycare last night. Ethan is my quiet genius. Only 4 but he plays big and he thinks big too!

Ethan - can i have a pb&J when we get home (his staple snack)

Mom - yes of course

Ethan – does the bread have Gluten?

Mom- yes but it’s okay

Ethan - so i'm not allergic to Gluten? (it happens to be an extremely cute word for a 4 year old to say)

Mom - no i dont think so - have your legs been hurting?

Ethan - tickling

Mom – oh no - they have been tickling?

Ethan - no- they dont hurt- they tickle - and they didnt do it at naptime (it usually happens when he lays down)

Mom - oh good. that means you arent allergic to gluten

Ethan – what did the dr say is wrong?

Mom - i dont know? maybe you are just growing so fast and thats why they hurt - er i mean tickle

Ethan – but is that what the dr said?

Mom - yes thats what she said

Ethan - well i was starting to think i was turning into the incredible hulk

Mom - oh. well. it could be that too

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erica said...

That is so cute it hurts my heart :). Look how big he is getting!