I'm not waiting anymore

How many people read this site? My mom? A cousin in Jersey? I think that's it. And honestly I have to remind my mom to read it.
So mostly I post here for me. And the gaggle. They feel like rock stars when I post a picture and especially a video. They love it. So - except for the short hiatus when I had life-threatening, mind altering spinal surgery - we have kept this site going for a year. It's definitely been fun.
This year I think it is going to take a new turn. The same postings (at least 4 a month per my "TO DO" list)but also a few more personal touches about what hilarious things the kids said. Maybe there will be a mention or two about me taking myself too seriously and freaking out when the kids don't answer the phone for 20 minutes. Cuz that is just how we roll. Some moments I am insane. Sometimes I think my children were put here to show me what hell would be like.
But hopefully most of the time we will make you smile and laugh and wish you were part of our daily little world.
Happy 2009! I know wonderful things await!!!


Emiline said...

Hey! I read it!

Jaime said...

HEY! I read this. :) Although I have a hard time finding the pictures sometimes. I love that you do this. I wish I could be committed to blog about my kids like this. Super precious and great memories!